What's Elektor?

Elektor magazine aims at inspiring people to master electronics at any personal level by presenting construction projects and spotting developments in electronics and information technology. The magazine is published worldwide through subscription, news stands and bookshops. Together with its US English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German sister magazines, and other licensed editions Elektor is on circulation in more than 50 countries with a total circulation of about 125,000 copies per month. A free weekly e-newsletter keeps subscribers abreast of the latest in electronics.
The Elektor shop give access to a wide range of electronics parts, PC boards, books, and CD-ROMs to support projects published in the magazine.
In The Netherlands there is once a year the event ELEKTOR LIVE! The next ELEKTOR LIVE! Is November 21, 2009 in Evoluonbuilding, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.